Analytic Engineering

Surface treatment engineering


● Pretreatment In the process of surface treatment, the effect of decoration, etc., is dealt with before the main project. In aluminum surface treatment engineering, "degreasing", "etching" and "derusting" before "anodizing treatment" are collectively referred to as pretreatment.
● Degreasing The grease and dirt on aluminum surface can be eliminated in extrusion and forming process.
● Etching Degreasing is used to remove dirt and scars on aluminum surface. In order to adjust the luster of material surface, chemical or electrochemical surface dissolution treatment method is used.
● Derusting The method of removing the impurities on the surface after etching with acidic aqueous solution.
●Li Di Li (Xiaoguang Li) Use special alkaline drugs or acidic drugs for treatment, and use alkaline drugs in our company.
● Alkali etching Chemical etching with alkali. Sodium hydroxide (caustic soda) is generally used.
●Acid etching Etch with acid. Design with less brilliance and Mattel look. It is commonly used for bottle cap of glass container.
● Sandblasting

Sand blasting is the use of compressed air as the power to form a high-speed jet beam to spray the spraying materials (copper ore, quartz sand, emery, iron sand, sea sand) to the surface of the workpiece to be treated at high speed, so as to change the appearance or shape of the workpiece surface. Due to the impact and cutting effect of abrasive on the workpiece surface, the surface of the workpiece can obtain certain cleanliness and different roughness, and the mechanical properties of the workpiece surface are improved. Therefore, the fatigue resistance of the workpiece is improved, the adhesion between the coating and the coating is increased, the durability of the coating is prolonged, and the leveling and decoration of the coating are also beneficial.

Anodizing treatment

● Anodic oxide film The oxide film produced by electrolysis in sulfuric acid and other aqueous solutions using aluminum as anode.
● Hole sealing

Sealing the pores of porous dermis formed by anodic oxidation is called sealing. It can improve the corrosion resistance, weather resistance and pollution resistance of the surface. Generally speaking, water sealing hole treatment has the following. (pressurized) steam sealing hole, metal salt sealing hole, boiling water sealing hole.

● Sealing hole with low temperature metal salt In the sealing treatment of metal salt, the method of sealing under the low temperature of 20-30 ℃ in the bath containing nickel salt, etc. Compared with other sealing treatments, the treatment with lower temperature may also obtain the same degree of film properties.
●Hot water wash Anodizing is carried out on a continuous production line before electrophoretic coating. In the temperature of 70-80 ℃, the corrosion resistance is increased.

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