Technology adoption

Exothermic materials with high thermal conductivity of aluminum are usually used in communication equipment, various control devices and semiconductor components. As the temperature of semiconductor components rises, the use of heat exchanger is indispensable due to the decrease of reliability, performance reduction and damage. Therefore, aluminum radiator with excellent cooling performance and cost is commonly used. At the same time, by using the performance analysis of simulation, corresponding products can be manufactured according to different requirements of customers。

With the continuous improvement of design concept, in order to improve the heat dissipation effect, the designed pitch between fins is narrower and higher. In addition, our company has long-term production and manufacture of special special profile, special multi hole profile, large profile, insert riveting large radiator, etc. can meet the needs of customers under mature process conditions.

With mature technology and high-quality requirements, we have developed various types of high-precision industrial machinery products, which greatly improves our manufacturing power and influence, and stands firm in the increasingly fierce social competition and increasing customer demand. For some high-precision parts, our company has continuously controlled the cost and improved the production quality, which has virtually improved the competitiveness of all aspects High standard requirements of all kinds of customers.

Advanced surface appearance profile, aluminum extrusion profile with small surface roughness and excellent brilliant performance is mainly used in audio, TV panel, household appliance shell and so on, which has been highly evaluated. Through the comprehensive research and development of extrusion conditions, gold profile structure and other aspects, our company has achieved better appearance and lower cost parts.

In addition, in order to maintain the appearance of products, molded parts have been able to use a variety of solutions to deal with the coloring of appearance products, such as: anodizing, electrolytic coloring, coating, etc. have been continuously manufactured under the mature process conditions of our company, providing customers with higher level products.

1. High profile:
1.jpg Product specification: 430mm * 86mm * 47.8mm.
Tooth height: 38.5mm, pitch: 2.5mm, tooth thickness: 1mm.
Features: thin teeth, small spacing, strong heat dissipation.
Application: communication equipment, semiconductor components of various control devices.
2. Insert riveting type:
1.jpg Product specification: 445mm * 432 = mm, tooth height: 48.
Number of riveted teeth: 50pcs. Tooth thickness: 0.8mm.
Features: large product size, more teeth.
Application: heat dissipation of electrical appliances in large units.
3. Special shaped multi pass:
1.jpg Special shaped multi pass:
Product specification: 139.8mm * 40 * 65.5mm.
Diameter: 9.3, number of holes: 16pcs, wall thickness: 0.8mm.
Features: irregular shape, many holes and thin wall.
Purpose: car battery box.
4. Precision parts:
1.jpg Inner diameter tolerance: ± 0.05 ~ 0.1mm.
Roundness: 0.02 ~ 0.03mm.
Features: high precision CNC products.
Application: used in high precision industrial robot parts.
5. Advanced surface appearance black type:
1.jpg Features: the surface is anodized black after sandblasting, the surface roughness is small, the film thickness is 6-8 μ m, the color is bright and lasts for a long time without fading.
Purpose: vehicle power supply unit.
6. Advanced surface appearance white type:
1.jpg Features: the surface is anodized white after sandblasting, the surface roughness is small, the film thickness is 6-8 μ m, the color is bright and lasts for a long time without fading.
Purpose: vehicle power supply unit.
7. Advanced surface appearance, bright silver type:
1.jpg Advanced surface appearance bright silver gold type:
Features: bright silver anodized after sandblasting, small surface roughness, film thickness: above 15-20 μ m, bright color, and can last for a long time under high temperature without fading and discoloration.
Purpose: household kitchen appliances.

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